As an elaboration of the domain specific OCS, the OCS-Plus was developed by Prof Demeyere and the late Prof Humphreys, with Dr Duta. The OCS-Plus was conceived as a computerised tablet-based screen of finer-grained tests of domain-general cognition, including various aspects of memory and executive attention.

The aim of OCS-Plus was to sensitively pick up on domain general impairments in healthy ageing, mild cognitive impairment and vascular dementia, without undue loading of language requirements. The OCS-Plus specifically allows differentiation of memory and non-memory impairments. The tool is currently only available as a research tool.  A normative and validation paper in a group of 300 healthy ageing participants is in preparation.


The OCS-Plus has been translated and is currently used in a large scale epidemiological study in a low-education, rural community in the HAALSI cohort, under the lead of Prof Lisa Berkman (University of Harvard)



A collaboration at LMU, Munich, is validating a German translation of OCS-Plus in a cohort of patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment (Ms Marleen Haupt and Dr Kathrin Finke).

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