The Translational Neuropsychology research group is based in the Department of Experimental Psychology, at the University of Oxford. The lab, led by Associate Professor Nele Demeyere, consists of postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, research assistants and visiting research students.

Our research aims to bridge the knowledge and practice in neuropsychology to broader health challenges in stroke and dementia. We aim to integrate neuropsychology into clinical practice by collaborating with multiple different health professionals.

Our research spans both fundamental cognitive neuropsychology as well as more clinically applicable research streams, such as the development of sensitive clinical tools. Primarily, we hope to better understand the nature of cognitive changes over time and the impacts on real-life outcomes.   

This video featured by the BBC highlights some of our research in stroke.

This website contains a wealth of information and detail and we try to keep it updated regularly. We direct members of the public to an accessible language overview of the ongoing research in an accessible language here

Our post-stroke cognitive screening programme has been running continuously since 2012, gathering cognitive, stroke and demographic data at several time points in efforts to highlight different trajectories. More broadly, we support nationwide cognitive screening of stroke patients through the implementation of our Oxford Cognitive Screen (OCS) into clinical settings (see also