I am a postdoctoral research associate working on understanding long-term outcomes following stroke in the OX-Chronic project. I completed my research training at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit at the University of Cambridge. For my PhD, I developed and evaluated an intervention for depression and low mood in adults with acquired brain injury in a randomised controlled trial.
My research interests are focused on the application of neuropsychological and experimental psychology research to intervention development in adults with differing types of acquired brain injury, in particular for understanding how best to improve mood. In the Translational Neuropsychology Group, I aim to elucidate the relationship between cognitive impairments and emotional outcomes following stroke, with an eye toward leveraging cognitive strategies as a means of improving mood and vice versa. I use both robust quantitative modelling and in-depth qualitative methods in improving outcomes for those with an acquired brain injury.

Key projects: