Sam Webb appointed as Research Assistant on EEG collaboration

Sam Webb, who completed his MSc project in the lab is starting a new role as research assistant on a collaboration of our lab with Monash University’s Prof Mark Bellgrove‘s group (including Dr Méadhbh Brosnan) and University of Queensland’s Prof Jason Mattingley‘s lab.

This project uses recent advances in electroencephalography (EEG) to investigate a new test of visual attention difficulties in chronic stroke survivors. EEG is a technique which measures brain waves by recording from electrodes on the head. This new EEG-based test will distinguish between different processes in the brain that may be contributing to visual attention difficulties. These include how alert and attentive an individual is, how well they can select and process visual information, and how well they can signal motor movements.

Across 3 sites (Melbourne, Dublin and Oxford), we will recruit 100 stroke survivors (with and without attentional difficulties) and assess how they process and respond to visual information using EEG. We will explore how these EEG signals relate to standardised assessments currently used in clinical practice.

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