Publicly available Talks

In conversation interview with Michelle Long on post-stroke cognition and introducing the new work on the carepathway.  Interview as part of South East Focus on stroke  newsletter (February 2023)


Talk on why the OCS was developed, what it is and how it fits to try to bridge 2 silos of research and practice in assessing post stroke cognition. Also includes a brief sneak peak at the OCS-Plus.

This talk was given as an online presentation as part of The Florey institute Stroke seminars on 22nd May 2020.

The Oxford Cognitive Screen

Why the Oxford Cognitive Screen?



How to administer the Oxford Cognitive Screen: a demonstration



How to score, interpret and report the OCS?



How to administer the remote version of the Oxford Cognitive Screen


The OCS-Plus

How to administer the OCS-Plus: a demonstration


Task by Task overview of OCS-Plus



The Oxford Multiple Errands Task

How to administer the OXMET: a demonstration

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