Stroke Research Day

On Saturday 8th October, the Translational Neurospychology group hosted a public engagement event at the North Oxford Community Centre in Summertown. The main purpose was to share some initial results of the Stroke Association funded priority programme into long term psychological consequences of stroke. Over the last 3 years more than 100 participants completed several sessions of in depth neuropsychological profiling and questionnaires around mood, apathy, sleep at two timepoints one year apart. They also wore an activity monitor for a week.  Here, we presented some initial findings from the study as a first sneak peak to the people who had made it happen. This was followed with many questions from the audience and a discussion on where to take the research next.



We were grateful to also get to hear from Trevor, one of our stroke survivors, who is part of our research management group present his experience of being involved in research:


Next, Jeremy, also a stroke survivor and a member of the study’s steering committee, talked about wider governance and his experience being involved in the grants and funding side of stroke research:

Finally,  Dr Mel Fleming talked about new and ongoing research on sleep and motivation and members of the Translational Neuropsychology and  Neuroplastics research teams were there to demonstrate some of the tasks and apps. The event was further supported by local stroke charities, with a strong community feel.

Thanks to everyone who came to see us on Saturday.  We loved meeting you all and hope you found it valuable to hear about the research you have been helping in over the years.

Our newsletter was given out in physical copies, but everyone can also see a digital version here:



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