Poem from John S

The below poem was sent to us by one of the participants in the ox-chronic study about his recent participation in the remote assessment. For context: Participants are sent a series of paper folders which are opened during the call, as well as an activity monitor to monitor sleep and overall activity over 7 days.




A very large envelope came through my door

I pondered what this can be

Opening it up wondering what I would find

Wow it,s brain testing time just for me


This was followed up by a phone call

It was Grace on the other end

We fixed a time when she would be calling

I just hope my brain box won,t bend


Grace read a short story,

Later for me to recall

I must hold this story inside me

After all I don,t want to fall


Small hearts and big hearts were presented

I just had to circle the small

If I made a mess of this one

I must have been quite a fool


With circles and squares in a picture

I next had to join with a line

Not a straight one but zig zag all over

If I do this it all should be fine


They sent me a watch with no dial

To wear for seven long days

A watch you can,t see what the time is

This could start a new craze.


(Poem by John S, 92, stroke survivor)

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