As an elaboration of the domain specific OCS, the OCS-Plus was developed by Prof Demeyere and the late Prof Humphreys, with Dr Duta. The OCS-Plus was conceived as a computerised tablet-based screen of finer-grained tests of domain-general cognition, including various aspects of memory and executive attention.

The aim of OCS-Plus was to sensitively pick up on domain general impairments in healthy ageing, mild cognitive impairment and vascular dementia, without undue loading of language requirements. The OCS-Plus specifically allows differentiation of memory and non-memory impairments. The tool is currently only available as a research tool through Oxford University Innovations.

An overview video walking through each of the tasks:

A demonstration of administering the OCS-Plus:

Key Publications

Demeyere, N., Haupt, M., Webb, S. S., Strobel, L., Milosevich, E., Moore, M. J., Wright, H., Finke, K., & Duta, M. (in press). Introducing the tablet-based Oxford Cognitive Screen-Plus (OCS-Plus) as an assessment tool for subtle cognitive impairments. Scientific Reports.
Farrell, M. T., Kobayashi, L. C., Montana, L., Wagner, R. G., Demeyere, N., & Berkman, L.. (2020). Education disparity only partially explains cognitive gender differences in older rural south africans. The journals of gerontology: series b.
Humphreys, G. W., Duta, M. D., Montana, L., Demeyere, N., McCrory, C., Rohr, J., Kahn, K., Tollman, S., & Berkman, L.. (2017). Cognitive function in low-income and low-literacy settings: validation of the tablet-based oxford cognitive screen in the health and aging in africa: a longitudinal study of an indepth community in south africa (haalsi). The journals of gerontology: series b, 72(1), 38–50.

Ongoing Research

Healthy Ageing / epidemiology

The OCS-Plus has been translated and is currently used in a large scale epidemiological study in a low-education, rural community in the HAALSI cohort, under the lead of Prof Lisa Berkman (University of Harvard).

The OCS-Plus is currently undergoing validation in Cantonese and used in long term ageing community cohort in Hong Kong (led by Prof Gloria Wong, HKU and Prof Anthony Pak Hin Kong)


Mild Cognitive Impairment

A collaboration at the University of Jena, Germany, is validating a German translation of OCS-Plus in a cohort of patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment (in collaboration with Dr Kathrin Finke).

Long term stroke survivors

Our own OX-CHRONIC study is using the OCS-Plus to better understand long term, more domain-general cognitive functioning trajectories, comparing performance at 6 months post stroke and >2 years post stroke.

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