Chronic Stroke / Dementia

As an elaboration of the domain specific OCS, the OCS-Plus was developed by the late Prof Humphreys, with Dr Demeyere and Dr Duta. The OCS-Plus was conceived as a set of tablet based, finer grained tests to include measures of domain general cognitive functions, such as executive attention, working memory, constructional planning, and selective and sustained attention. 

The aim of OCS-Plus was to sensitively pick up on domain general impairments in healthy ageing, mild cognitive impairment and vascular dementia, without undue loading of language requirements. The OCS-Plus, is currently only available as a research tool, and has been validated, and normed with 200 participants.

The OCS-Plus has been translated and is currently used in a low-education, rural community in the HAALSI cohort,  under the lead of Prof Lisa Berkman (Epidemiology, University of Harvard)

A collaboration at LMU, Munich, is validating a German translation of OCS-Plus in a cohort of MCI patients (Ms Marleen Haupt and Dr Kathrin Finke).