OCS-Plus tool now published

We are delighted with the latest paper now out from our lab, which introduces the OCS-Plus, our brief tablet based cognitive screening tool developed to detect subtle changes in domain general cognitive function in memory and executive functioning. Here we present the tasks and provide normative data from 320 and validation and reliability data within this neurologically healthy normative sample. With this important initial step now complete, we are looking forward to further research the validity and usefulness of the OCS-Plus in clinical populations which present with more subtle cognitive deficits.

Demeyere N, Haupt M, Webb SS, Strobel L, Milosevich ET, Moore MJ, et al. Introducing the tablet-based Oxford Cognitive Screen-Plus (OCS-Plus) as an assessment tool for subtle cognitive impairments. Scientific Reports. 2021 Apr 12;11(1):8000.

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