Nele Demeyere awarded Stroke Association Priority Programme

Together with co-applicants Prof Sarah Pendlebury, Dr Terry Quinn, Prof Helen Dawes, Dr Anna Kuppuswamy, Dr Shirley Thomas and Dr Mauro Mancuso, we successfully applied to the Stroke Association Priority Programme funding.

OX-CHRONIC specifically focusses on long term psychological consequences post stroke (at least 2 years post event).  We hope that the results of this study will help us to understand more about how stroke affects mood and thinking in the long-term, the impact that these effects have on people’s lives, and how these problems change over time.

Knowing more about these long-term effects of stroke will help stroke survivors and their families plan for the future. It will help to inform how services for people affected by stroke are delivered. It will also help scientists to develop effective treatments and coping strategies for these, too often overlooked, effects of stroke.

Read more here on the Stroke Association pages and our project page

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