The Oxford Cognitive Screen – General Practice version is a stroke-specific cognitive screen. The OCS-GP is a short-form, and extension of, the The Oxford Cognitive Screen. OCS-GP was specifically designed to pick up domain-specific post-stroke cognitive problems chronically (>6 months post-stroke) after stroke, including apraxia, neglect, aphasia, an reading impairments. It was designed to be inclusive for patients with aphasia, and reduces confounds from co-occurring language and neglect problems. A brief cognitive screen, which can be delivered in primary care taking max 8 minutes. It returns a visual snapshot of a patient’s cognitive profile which summarises performance across 5 cognitive domains.

The OCS-GP is still under development. We are currently collecting data from neurologically healthy adults to determine what is considered ‘normal’ performance. Once we determine the benchmark of typical performance on our test, we can assess whether a given stroke survivor is performing well or not compared to age and education matched peers.

Ongoing OCS Research

We are currently recruiting neurologically healthy adults to take part in our task to determine benchmark performance. If you are interested, please sign up using our participation page.