Development of analysis tools for CT brain

CT-brain imaging is the standard brain imaging modality used in the NHS. CT-brain images contain a wealth of data on brain ageing and cerebrovascular disease burden. Here, in collaboration with the Wellcome Institute for Integrative Neuroscience and the Centre for the Prevention of Stroke and Dementia, we are developing tools to derive standardised quantification of  stroke lesions, white matter disease and brain atrophy from routine clinical CT imaging.


  • [PDF] Vass, L., Moore, M. J., Hanayik, T., Mair, G., Pendlebury, S. T., Demeyere, N., & Jenkinson, M.. (2021). A Comparison of Cranial Cavity Extraction Tools for Non-contrast Enhanced CT Scans in Acute Stroke Patients. Neuroinformatics.

Lesion – symptom mapping

In order to understand the neural substrates for any given brain function under investigation, many studies in cognitive neuroscience employ functional brain imaging techniques. Lesion-based neuropsychology research has the unique advantage of investigating not just which areas of the brain are involved when we do a particular task or think about a particular thing, but crucially which areas are necessary. By researching large groups of stroke survivors with a variety of resulting brain areas damaged, we can use this data to better understand the neural underpinnings of behaviour.


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Mark Jenkinson

Sarah Pendlebury

Margaret Moore

Georgie Hobden

Taylor Hanayik

Celine Gillebert

Jacob Levenstein