Prof Demeyere & Richard Raynor talk at IF festival

On Sunday 20th October, Nele and Richard teamed up to talk to members of the general audience as part of the public engagement IF festival (Oxford Science and Ideas Festival).

Richard Raynor described how his world was turned upside down at the age of 31, when a severe stroke led to a loss of language. In this vibrant, colourful and coming-to-terms talk, Richard described the day of his stroke, his recovery, intensive rehabilitation, and his involvement in our neuropsychology research. Associate Professor of Psychology, Nele Demeyere, explained how cognitive neuropsychology studies of these often hidden consequences of brain injuries have provided essential windows into understanding how our brains work.


Richard’s positive outlook and message on living life is awe-inspiring, and led him to be awarded as Stroke Association Life after Stroke Award


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