Acute Stroke

The Oxford Cognitive Screen (OCS) was developed as an inclusive, domain-specific screen for first line cognitive screening post stroke.

The OCS (Oxford Cognitive Screen) can be delivered at the bedside in acute stroke, is easy to administer and score and is inclusive for patients with aphasia and neglect. It returns a visual snapshot of a patient’s cognitive profile which summarises performance across 5 cognitive domains.  [image wheel ]

In order to help us keep track of the spread of use of this cognitive screen, the test materials are being licensed for use through Oxford University Innovation.  The test materials’ licensing agreement is free of charge for publicly funded clinical and research use, though charges will apply for use by commercial entities.

The Oxford Cognitive Screen should always be made available free of charge to patients.

Please find more specifics on how to administer OCS, including a demonstration video and information on different language versions of OCS on www.ocs-test.org