Oxford Open Doors

Last weekend (14th and 15th September 2019) the Department of Experimental Psychology hosted an Open Doors events. The Open Doors event is “is an annual celebration of Oxford across all walks of life, its places and its people” and you can find more information on Oxford Open Doors. Having the department open for the public meant that over 450 people attended over the weekend and we received quite a large proportion of people who wanted to sign up as volunteers to take part in research. Sam Webb, Grace Chiu, and Michael Colwell were able to entertain 207 people on the first day by showcasing the OCS-plus, COMPASS, and other neuropsychological tests used in the lab. This involved demonstrating the tasks to the audience as well as talking individual groups through why we do what we do. It was great to get the public on board with our message about clinical tools development and so motivating to see the reactions and enthusiasm of people for our research. A great experience for our lab-members who got to practice explaining their research in an accessible way. A great experience all round!

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