The translational neuropsychology group at the University of Oxford are recruiting stroke survivors for a 3-session study examining brain waves to get a better understanding of visual attention post-stroke.

Are you right handed, had a right-hemisphere stroke at least 2 months ago, and have the ability to come into Oxford (we cover reasonable travel expenses and taxi fare)?

The study will involve coming into the Oxford based lab for 3 two hour sessions preferably within the same week or on consecutive days. The first session will involve questionnaires and pen-and-paper actives, the two other sessions will involve two computer tasks whilst we record your brain activity via EEG (a snug fitting cap on your head which has sensors that pick up your brain activity whilst you sit comfortably).

For more information about the study, including a fuller description of what it entails, please email Mr. Sam S Webb ( We will happily discuss and post the information sheet to you.



Take part in our research


We are always looking for volunteers, to help us with our research, both in participating, but also in informing and disseminating our research through being part of involvement panels.

We would like to hear from you if you are interested, whether you have had a stroke, a diagnosis of dementia or have no neurological history, but an interest in helping research on these conditions. Some studies can be conducted at homevisits, or over the phone, others will require you to come visit us at our Cognitive Neuropsychology Centre in Jericho, Oxford.